Some readers have asked for a map of the fire area in "Birdwatcher Hill Fire." I'm sorry I don't have a high quality map available, but this is a scan of the sketch map I scribbled to help define the story. I may not leave this up permanently.

Reader Andy Haworth and I have been putting together some maps of some of the areas of the stories. The map below of the Spearfish Lake version is the first, and it can be considered the "official" version.

The second map is the new rail map of the Camden and Spearfish Lake Railroad, based on a sketch map drawn for Snowplow Extra but showing some detail from later stories.

You can click here in case you're interested the old hand drawn sketch rail map of the Camden and Spearfish Lake I drew thirty years ago to help define the story.

More to come and possible updates as we get them done. -- Wes
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